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  1. Free consultation
    Get 1 Hr Free Consultation, led by the team of experts and the CEO himself.

    To understand how implementing Virtual Reality Training can increase the productivity and efficiency of the entire training process, thereby reducing the time and cost complexity significantly

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  2. Free Shipping for Quality Check
    Get a hands-on experience of the product at your place, before starting the work with us.
    What will you get?
    VR Experience of the Module, relevant to your Industry (Accessible via Oculus Quest)

    Ps: Oculus Quest, containing the installed application will be shipped to your location in 2-3 Working Days, upon completion of the Free Consultation.

    Dashboard to track your progress, real-time (Accessible via any Android Device)

    Ps: The android application downloadable link will be shared over email, once the Oculus Quest is delivered at the notified address.

    We believe that “Trust is the major thing in business and we want to build it prior to starting the work”.

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  3. Requirements Gathering
    Our in-house team of Subject Matter Experts and CRM Team will be working closely with your corresponding team to understand the minute details, in regard to the requirements of the training program.

    Timeline: 1-2 Weeks

    Our aim is to foster loyalty through proactive customer relations and listening to our clients. We understand your needs and customize our solutions to provide you with the best user experience.

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  4. Development of the Customized Training Platform
    We develop an end-to-end VR Training Platform, tailored to your needs. It includes:
    1. VR Training Program, to-be-experienced via your selected VR Device during the Requirements Gathering phase.
    2. Track User Progress Dashboard for “Individual User” and “Master Trainer”, compatible over android/iOS application

    Your tailor-made requirements converted into a VR Training platform accessible for detailed assessment for learning and development needs of learners.

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  5. Delivery
    Get your customized VR Training Platform, delivered in 4-12 Working Weeks, alongside the selected compatible hardware.

    To complete what we started, with full satisfaction and the best customer service.

We are continuously working to solve the renewable energy training problems faced by businesses

Our Solution

questions asked

What is Free Consultation?
Free Consultation is a 1 hour session led by our team of experts and the CEO himself in which you can discuss the future prospects of Virtual Reality and how it can reduce the time and cost complexity significantly.
What will I get from my Free shipping for Quality Check?
You will get an opportunity to get hands-on experience of the product at your place. You will be receiving an Oculus Quest, containing the installed application at your place of business in 2-3 Working Days, upon completion of the Free Consultation.
Can I keep the kits with me as long as I want?
No, after completing the quality check the device needs to be returned back within 1-3 Working Days.
Do you deliver the entire customized platform in 4-12 Weeks Only?
Yes, we deliver an entire customized platform in 4-12 Weeks only. This has been possible because we have an efficient team consisting of the best Storytellers, 3-D Artists, AR & VR Developers, Full-Stack Developers, and world-class Customer Relations.
Don’t we have any video content or live classes?
Our training has no video content or live classes. It is a VR Simulation based Training Programme for an Immersive Learning Experience.
How can I track my progress, as I go on with the training program?
Yes, you can track your progress on the Dashboard itself. You can Track User Progress for “Individual User” and “Master Trainer”, compatible over android/iOS applications .
Is the training only available in VR Simulation Formats?
Yes, the training is only available in VR Simulation formats which is digital simulation of lifelike scenarios for training purposes. In Simulation based environment, you can work on reactions in hazardous situations without actually being in danger. There are 3 modes in VR-based Simulation:
  • Instruction Mode
  • Practice Mode
  • Field Challenge Mode
What are the VR Headsets options apart from Oculus Quest and HTC Vive?
There are 5 VR Headset Alternatives To The Oculus Quest and HTC Vive:
  • Pico Neo 2.
  • Pico Neo 2 Eye.
  • HTC Vive.
  • HTC Vive Cosmos.
  • Valve Index.
Do you guys offer a free trial?
Yes, we offer a free trial in the form of ‘Free Shipping for Quality Check’, ensuring that you get a hands-on experience of our product, before even planning a business with us.
Does Wenergy works only on the Renewable Energy Sector?
Yes, we are transforming training and assessment for professionals working in the energy sector. We are a team of experts who aspire to be your number one source for VR Training and more. Check out the parent company to know more about our projects.

Get an immersive hands-on
experience from any part of the world

Continuously upgrade and upskill your workforce - anytime, anywhere. Engaging and Interactive way of Training, in a Simulated Environment allows you to build an advanced-level workforce in a fraction of the time.

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