REVTC, an immersive Virtual Reality
transforming training and
assessment for professionals working
in the energy sector

Purpose of REVTC

100% Safe
3x Productive
50% Cost of training
Purpose of launching REVTC
To standardize the training process inside the corporations and institutions, working in Renewable Energy and building a greener future.

How are we accomplishing the purpose?
By starting an immersive way of training and upskilling, employing Virtual Reality.
Renewable Energy Virtual Training Platform for Corporates and Institutions (REVTCI) is an immersive Virtual Reality platform, transforming training and assessment for professionals working in the energy sector.

We provide the training at half the cost and time, thereby increasing productivity of the learners by twice the rate.

VR based simulations

Renewable Energy Virtual Training for Corporates and Institutions

Our training is designed to model real-world field scenarios. It helps users to practice and perform tasks and procedures so they're better prepared for real life. It includes three modes.

Instruction Mode

Practice Mode

Field Challenge Mode

Quiz and References

Short quizzes follow each lesson. They help users focus, remember key pieces of information and zero in on just a few key takeaways from each module.

Supplemental Learning Materials: These visuals help users further understand complex information like wiring diagrams, equations, example system configs, charts and more.


It is a service offered to businesses allowing them to assess their teams’ skills and abilities. The results give you an objective sense of your worker's starting point so you can come up with a better, more effective training path.

Once the test is completed, our automated system instantly scores the assessment and delivers a report to you for each team member.

Based on the test results, you'll know which competencies they need to work on, and receive course recommendations to help them improve in those competencies.

How Can I Use the Skill Assessment Results?

Initial assessment of a
new hire will establish a
starting skill level.
Education and upskilling
Initial assessment of a
new hire will establish a
starting skill level.
Quarterly and
Annual Reviews
Ongoing assessments
help to objectively
monitor and measure
tech progress.
Build Incentive Programs
Motivate, engage and
encourage upskilling through incentives and reward programs.

Download the success story to see how AICTE trained its team to build up productivity and curiosity

Read the Story

makes an impact

Access Field-Like Training Anytime
How is this possible?
All course content is broken up into small, digestible pieces, allowing technicians the flexibility of learning a little at a time.

Do your techs have 15 minutes between service calls? That’s more than enough time to grab your headset and experience a lesson or two, and take a knowledge check quiz.

Your workers can wear their VR Kit and turn their truck into a training lab while they complete 3D simulations.

The platform is compatible with Oculus Quest and HTC Vive. Dashboard can be accessed via any Android/iOS Device.

Expert led-Content
The content has been developed via the industrial mentors and experts.

All features

For trainer and trainee
  • Practice Mode (VR Simulation),
  • Instruction Mode (VR Simulation),
  • Field Challenge Mode (VR Simulation),
  • Quiz,
  • References,
  • Assessment

  • Track User Progress

  • Cloud
  • Access Anywhere, Anytime
  • Compatibility
  • Expert-led Content

REVTC! but for

Government and Private Companies Working in

Wanna know how we work restlessly to provide the quality over quantity product?

How we work?

questions asked

What is Free Consultation?
Free Consultation is a 1 hour session led by our team of experts and the CEO himself in which you can discuss the future prospects of Virtual Reality and how it can reduce the time and cost complexity significantly.
What will I get from my Free shipping for Quality Check?
You will get an opportunity to get hands-on experience of the product at your place. You will be receiving an Oculus Quest, containing the installed application at your place of business in 2-3 Working Days, upon completion of the Free Consultation.
Can I keep the kits with me as long as I want?
No, after completing the quality check the device needs to be returned back within 1-3 Working Days.
Do you deliver the entire customized platform in 4-12 Weeks Only?
Yes, we deliver an entire customized platform in 4-12 Weeks only. This has been possible because we have an efficient team consisting of the best Storytellers, 3-D Artists, AR & VR Developers, Full-Stack Developers, and world-class Customer Relations.
Don’t we have any video content or live classes?
Our training has no video content or live classes. It is a VR Simulation based Training Programme for an Immersive Learning Experience.
How can I track my progress, as I go on with the training program?
Yes, you can track your progress on the Dashboard itself. You can Track User Progress for “Individual User” and “Master Trainer”, compatible over android/iOS applications .
Is the training only available in VR Simulation Formats?
Yes, the training is only available in VR Simulation formats which is digital simulation of lifelike scenarios for training purposes. In Simulation based environment, you can work on reactions in hazardous situations without actually being in danger. There are 3 modes in VR-based Simulation:
  • Instruction Mode
  • Practice Mode
  • Field Challenge Mode
What are the VR Headsets options apart from Oculus Quest and HTC Vive?
There are 5 VR Headset Alternatives To The Oculus Quest and HTC Vive:
  • Pico Neo 2.
  • Pico Neo 2 Eye.
  • HTC Vive.
  • HTC Vive Cosmos.
  • Valve Index.
Do you guys offer a free trial?
Yes, we offer a free trial in the form of ‘Free Shipping for Quality Check’, ensuring that you get a hands-on experience of our product, before even planning a business with us.
Does Wenergy works only on the Renewable Energy Sector?
Yes, we are transforming training and assessment for professionals working in the energy sector. We are a team of experts who aspire to be your number one source for VR Training and more. Check out the parent company to know more about our projects.

Get an immersive hands-on experience from any part of the world

Continuously upgrade and upskill your workforce - anytime, anywhere. Engaging and Interactive way of Training, in a Simulated Environment allows you to build an advanced-level workforce in a fraction of the time.

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